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Address : GOSB Teknopark, Kemal Nehrezoglu Cad. HighTech Binası, Kat:3/B10, Gebze, Kocaeli, Turkey
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The unique Artesis intelligent predictive maintenance system is suitable for most electric motor-driven equipment, as well as generators. It diagnoses a very wide range of electrical and mechanical faults, covering not only the motor or generator but also connected machinery like pumps, fans, compressors, and turbines. The system requires minimal operator intervention for set-up and operation and provides clear indication of the nature and severity of developing faults both locally to the monitored equipment and remotely. Each intelligent monitor unit is connected to the supply cables of the motor or generator using simple and inexpensive current and voltage sensors. This is usually done close to the motor or generator control systems, rather than at the equipment itself, greatly reducing installation and cabling costs compared with traditional systems. Monitors have local status displays, and a range of communications options are available for remote monitoring. Software packages provide convenient access to status and diagnostic information from any monitor, anywhere in the world.


  • automotive condition monitoring
  • beverage condition monitoring
  • cement condition monitoring
  • chemical monitoring
  • chemical monitoring
  • condition monitor system
  • condition monitoring equipments
  • condition monitoring systems
  • condition monitoring
  • food condition monitoring
  • gas distribution condition monitoring
  • mcm
  • metal processing condition monitoring
  • metallurgy condition monitoring
  • pcm
  • petrochemical condition monitoring
  • plant condition monitor system
  • plant condition montioring systems
  • power generation condition monitoring
  • pulp and paper condition monitoring
  • textile condition monitoring
  • waste water condition monitoring
  • water condition monitoring

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