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Address : Şekerpınar Mah. Ece Sk. No: 3, Çayırova, Gebze, Kocaeli, Turkey
Phone : +90 262 658 01 00
Fax : +90 262 658 87 97

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Since 1989... We, as Çemesan Group, will keep transferring our 25 years of industrial experience and opportunities to the metal based products at the forthcoming period. Especially, we are of the opinion that we are on the last gasp of branding process of our products in international markets. Unfortunately, as a country, we are out of luck in sources of energy subject which is one of the most important component of manufacturing process. Moreover, due to recent developments at region, rising cost of energy affects the manufacturing sector negatively. Therefore, country foreign trade deficit is risen by high energy costs. Çemesan Group, will go the extra mile in order to contribute for achieving enounced medium-term export targets of the government. However, if we consider the energy resources, we can just accomplish the objective by increasing the unit product value. Hence, as I mentioned, we will concentrate on innovation, branding and infrastructure studies of value-added products in order to compete against world.


  • steel strips
  • strenghened cable trays
  • trunking cable trays
  • u brackets
  • u profile ceiling supports
  • u profiles
  • unperforated cable trays
  • unperforated heavy duty cable trays
  • wall brackets
  • wall type c brackets
  • welded npi profiles
  • welded u profiles
  • wire mesh trays

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