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ENN Dekor's Curtain production emergence begins. Mithat Altunsüzen Founder, before her career as an apprentice in a curtain producer discarded, then the rank and mastery ... Boredom, perseverance, patience, saying in 1969, is now making his dreams real time to the birth took place and Dekor Mefruşat' s. Dekor Furnishings grows over time, develops, and after years of Altunsüzen Mithat; bean grown son, flag transfers to Selcuk Altunsüzen. Over the years, the screen next to the upholstery fabrics, accessories, home textiles and wallpaper is added. ENN Dekor registered renovated in 2009 as a company name. Today the region is considered a respected name among contractors ENN Dekor, around the country carried the story of success, has managed to expand exports to foreign countries. ENN dekor aims to be the decoration of an international brand, customer satisfaction and creative team work based on the country's economy and society by providing employment opportunities to a wider path than the big dreams continues. Screen, upholstery fabric, accessories, home textile and wall paper, hundreds of different brands and types of customers outstanding product combines ENN Dekor, 41 years experience in the world of decorating trends and continues to deliver to places ...


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