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Address : BOSB Birlik San. Sit., 3. Cad. No:71, Beylikdüzü, İstanbul, Turkey
Phone : +90 212 876 47 00
Fax : +90 212 876 47 05

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As DNG, we manufacture and supply screws, fasteners, fastener, bolt, nut, fiberglass mesh, insect screen, tape, fiberglass tape, pvc ceiling panel, t-24 ceiling system, screw, nuts, pvc panel, self tapping, buldex, torx, metric, sheet metal screws, grid system, galvanized sheet metal, glass, fire resistant glass, pu foam, screws, bolts, nuts, fiberglass products, pvc ceiling panels, panels, wire products, wires, screw, bolt, nut, fiberglass product, pvc ceiling panel, panel, wire product, wire, self drilling screws, roofing screws, self tapping screws, drywall screws, chipboard screws, wood screws, concrete screws, anchors, nails, fiberglass meshes, fiberglass insect screens, self adhesive tapes, laser star ceiling panels, cloud ceiling panels, flower ceiling panels, c1018 wires, c1022 wires, saip wires, chq wires, mq wires, dmq wires, self drilling screw, roofing screw, self tapping screw, drywall screw, chipboard screw, wood screw, concrete screw, anchor, nail, fiberglass mesh, fiberglass insect screen, self adhesive tape, laser star ceiling panel... DNG Group With our Company Headquarter in Turkey and offices in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan, our aim is to give you the best service for your procurement, inspection, logistics and customs clareance. ​ DNG Statera Ulus. Dan. ve Dis Ticaret Ltd. Sti. - Turkey DNG Yapi ve Baglanti Elemanları - Turkey DNG Transport - Turkey, China Fareast Industries Co, Ltd. - Hong Kong Inspectra Inspection - China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore


  • fasteners
  • anchor
  • anchors
  • bolt
  • bolts
  • buldex
  • c1018 wires
  • c1022 wires
  • chipboard screw
  • chipboard screws
  • chq wires
  • cloud ceiling panels
  • concrete screw
  • concrete screws
  • dmq wires
  • drywall screw
  • drywall screws
  • fastener
  • fiberglass insect screen
  • fiberglass insect screens
  • fiberglass mesh
  • fiberglass meshes
  • fiberglass product
  • fiberglass products
  • fiberglass tape
  • fire resistant glass
  • flower ceiling panels
  • galvanized sheet metal
  • glass
  • grid system
  • insect screen
  • laser star ceiling panel
  • laser star ceiling panels
  • metric
  • mq wires
  • nail
  • nails
  • nut
  • nuts
  • panel
  • panels
  • pu foam
  • pvc ceiling panel
  • pvc ceiling panels
  • pvc panel
  • roofing screw
  • roofing screws
  • saip wires
  • screw
  • screws
  • screws
  • self adhesive tape
  • self adhesive tapes
  • self drilling screw
  • self drilling screws
  • self tapping screw
  • self tapping screws
  • self tapping
  • sheet metal screws
  • t-24 ceiling system
  • tape
  • torx
  • wire product
  • wire products
  • wire
  • wires
  • wood screw
  • wood screws

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