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Address : 600 Evler Mah. Küçük Sanayi Sitesi, 1359. Sokak, No:70, Bandırma, Balıkesir, Turkey
Phone : +90 266 721 10 48
Fax : +90 266 721 43 41

Company Profile

EFESSA Ltd.Sti. Machinery sales, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, technical service and consultancy services to Project by giving priority to customer satisfaction is always realized. Followed closely by developing technology and automation systems,the need of customers for services that aims to provide the most accurate and as soon as possible. EFESSA with customer-focused approach and discipline gained a place in the industry as soon as possible,and every day has become a sought-after partner. International agreements made by EFESSA,thanks to the need of customers with the advantage of providing all the necessary equipment from one supplier,a private consulting and project support.EFESSA machine 1500 m2 closed area was astablished in 2008 and has been producing Bandırma.EFESSA Machine,institutional structure and is proud to serve you with experienced technical staff. Food processing machinery Weighing,labeling and packaging robotics Skinning machines Chops machines Grams and sizing machines X-ray systems Metal detectors Clips machines Tray Sealers and packaging machines Strech wrapping machines Bacon and sausage lines Conveyors,conveyor equipment Buggies Baxx Industrial washing machines


  • compressors
  • mixers
  • trolleys
  • antibacterial systems
  • bacteria destruction devices
  • bactericide systems
  • baxx bactericide systems
  • belt systems
  • boarding machines
  • breakfast lines
  • buggies
  • cardboard coding systems
  • case carriage systems
  • clips machines
  • coding systems
  • cold plasma technology
  • conveyor systems
  • cooling systems
  • coveyor and belt systems
  • cuters
  • dairy product processing machines
  • dairy product processing systems
  • egg coding systems
  • emulsifiers
  • filling machines
  • fish processing machines
  • fish processing systems
  • fish sizing systems
  • fish smoking systems
  • fish washing systems
  • fish weighing systems
  • foam plate lines
  • food processing machines
  • food processing systems
  • food processing systems
  • freezers
  • fridge case
  • fruit processing machines
  • fruit processing systems
  • fungus destruction devices
  • further processing lines
  • gutting systems
  • hand type printers
  • hygienic equipments
  • ice machines
  • injection machines
  • inkjet printers
  • labeling machines
  • mdm machines
  • meat ball burger lines
  • meat grinders
  • meat processing machines
  • meat processing systems
  • metal detectors
  • metal pollution detection systems
  • milk processing machines
  • milk processing systems
  • modular belt systems
  • multi head weighing systems
  • packaging machines
  • packaging systems
  • pallet streching machines
  • pest destruction devices
  • plate closing systems
  • plate coolers
  • read meat processing machines
  • red meat processing machines
  • red meat processing systems
  • roll belt systems
  • room type coolers
  • skinner systems
  • slicing machines
  • smoking ovens
  • spiral coolers
  • strech film machines
  • thermoform machines
  • tumbler with vacuum
  • vacuum packaging systems
  • vertical filling machines
  • virus destruction devices
  • weighing labeling machines
  • weighing machines
  • white meat labeling systems
  • white meat lifts
  • white meat processing machines
  • white meat processing systems
  • white meat stringer machines
  • white meat weighing systems
  • wood skewer machines

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