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Address : E-5 Çevreyolu Üzeri, Kırıkhan, Hatay, Turkey
Phone : 0090 326 345 40 60
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Beginning its activities in 1985 with PVC production, ERGUN YAPI has been continuing its activities under ERDOOR and ERPROFIL brands with its new investments since 2009. The fa- cility currently responds to domestic market demands and exports to 15 countries with eco-friendly production techno- logy and indoor area of 15.000 m2. The products which har- monize PVC using the aesthetic natural appearance and war- mth of wood are produced from 100% recyclable PVC and composite sawdust. Eco-friendly ERGUN YAPI produces 750 sets of doors and 1.500 sets of frames and jambs every day. Continuously improving product quality and production techno- logy due to its R&D work, the company offers innovative solutions as well as aesthetic products. ERDOOR continues its R&D work and investments in order to maintain its strong presence in the industry. ERGUN YAPI provides a wide distribution service across Turkey and also aims to contribute to the national economy through export. ERGUN YAPI continues its operations under ERDOOR Compo- site Door and ERPROFlL Composite Profile brands adding new, durable and aesthetic products to its range and continuously updating its production technology.


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