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Address : 1. Org. San. Sit., İstikamet Cd., No: 24, Selçuklu, Konya, Turkey
Phone : +90 332 251 73 40
Fax : +90 332 251 73 41

Company Profile

Company Hidroliksan established in 1982, continues to manufacture hydraulic presses up to 3.000 ton capacity at the factory of closed area 10.000 sqm. Hidroliksan is proud to able to respond the needs ofthe following sectors which are automotive, agriculture, metal forming, recycling and many others they need to compression in their production. Hidroliksan, with stronge structure, quality management system, educated human resources and technology that produces high­ quality solutions, has earned the confidence of whole world. Hidroliksan who closly follow up technological developments that dedicated to its production, in the world, is present to customers a good support before and after sales with highy quality products, reasonable prices and timely delivery. Hidroliksan has been exporting more than 40 countries which are especially in Europe, Middle East, West Africa and Asia with the dealer networks. Main activity for the promotions in these country, is exhibitions. Hidroliksan gives importance to promotions, participates more than twenty exhibitions pera year with his dealers or directly. Main products produced with the new technologic developments are; Workshop Presses up to 1000 Ton capacity Deep Drawing / Double Action Presses up to 3000 Ton capacity Single Action Presses up to 3000 Ton capacity Colomn Frame Presses up to 1000 Ton capacity C Frame Presses sup to 500 Ton Capacity In addition to these products, it is included many other hydraulic components and products such as bending presses, hose crimping presses, bronchial presses in the production range. Changing and developing company Hidroliksan will continue to invest and enhance its brand value day by day, in order to do good things for Turkey and all over the world. Halim USTA General Manager


  • hydraulic press
  • ironing press
  • workshop press
  • automatic column press
  • c type press with table
  • c type press
  • c type twisting press
  • column press with deep drowing press
  • column press
  • deep drawing press
  • deep drawing presses
  • dep hydraulic dish end press
  • dep hydraulic dish end presses
  • double action press
  • double action presses
  • double cylinder hydraulic press
  • h frame press
  • hot rubber press
  • hydraulic c frame press
  • hydraulic c frame presses
  • hydraulic cambering press
  • hydraulic cambering presses
  • hydraulic column frame single press
  • hydraulic column frame single presses
  • hydraulic double action c frame press
  • hydraulic double action c frame presses
  • hydraulic h frame double action press
  • hydraulic h frame double action presses
  • hydraulic h frame single action press
  • hydraulic h frame single action presses
  • hydraulic hose crimping press
  • hydraulic hose crimping presses
  • hydraulic hot rubber-vulcanized press
  • hydraulic hot rubber-vulcanized presses
  • hydraulic ironworker
  • hydraulic ironworkers
  • hydraulic press brake
  • hydraulic press brakes
  • hydraulic salt block press
  • hydraulic salt block presses
  • hydraulic sheet forming press
  • hydraulic sheet forming presses
  • hydraulic single action c frame press
  • hydraulic single action c frame presses
  • hydraulic straigtening press
  • hydraulic straigtening presses
  • hydraulic workshop press
  • Hydraulic workshop presses
  • oil press
  • plc operated column press
  • salt press
  • sheet forming press
  • special type press
  • swaging press
  • testing press
  • workshop type hydraulic press
  • workshop type hydraulic presses

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