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Address : 29 Ekim Mahallesi, Balkan Caddesi, No: 18, Yazıbaşı, Torbalı, İzmir, Turkey
Phone : +90 232 853 85 83 / +90 232 853 83 77
Fax : +90 232 853 96 93

Company Profile

Our company was founded as “ Kalyon Vana ve Döküm Ltd. Sti” in the year of 2000 at industrial area of Kısıkköy (20 km far from Port Izmir)for producing cast iron ball valves under the registered trede mark of “KST KALYON”.While follwing the developments on the modern irragation systems; Kalyon has modified its production into irragation water filters and has continued serving as “Kalyon Filtre”since 2005.In order to provide efficient, reliable and high quality products with low cost, Kalyon has moved to new place which has 2500 m² production plant in Yazıbası-Torbalı/Izmir. Kalyon Filtre has also gained wholesale distributionships of various high quality irragation material manufacturers and therefore we act as a complete supplier to retailers and application companies. Through more than ten years of manufacturing and marketing experience, Kalyon has developed a strong retailer network country-wide and also started exportation to several European and Asian countries. With our experienced staff and the vision of “ Produce The Best Always” Kalyon Filtre will keep on developing according to the demands of the market. All our products hold Warranty Conformity and Service Efficiency Certificates as well as Iso 9001-2008 and Experimental –Agricultural Credition Reports.


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