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Address : Anbar Mah. Nayman Sok. No: 26, 38070, Kayseri, Turkey
Phone : +90 352 327 07 07
Fax : +90 352 326 88 11

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Our company which has started its activity in 1970 has gained an important place in sector with investments done and successful sales policies. Research and development activities are held with great care and it presents world standard products according to its customers’ needs and desires. Our commercial perception is to settle lifelong companionships and trust based relations. We care much in plant visits and vis-à-vis dialogues as a company. Should you need more details on commercial and technical points, please do not hesitate to contact with us. Kaymet Metal A.Ş has started exporting of high quality products while it’s enlarging its share both in domestic and foreign market of metal sector. OUR COMPANY Our company is operating in a 15.000m2 of indoor, 30.000m2 of outdoor and a total of 45.000 m2 facility. OUR MISSION Our company, make point of adopting quality as a life style, satisfying customers and offer maximum quality service with straight forward and principled decisions. COMPANY POLICY Enabling the contribution of every worker in a sense of continuous development and improve competitive capacity; putting innovations into practice via following technological developments are our company policy. PHILOSOPHY To add permanent and sustainable values to its suppliers and customers by corporate management perception and customer centered operating principle is the philosophy of KAYMET PRODUCTS LASER CUTTING (Up to 2mm sheet metal, up to 12mm stainless plate, up to 8mm aluminum plate, 5000 and 3000 series pipe and profile retreating and lettering work is carried on products) PLASMA CUTTING PIPE-PROFILE-PLATE (cutting, bending) METAL SHEET BAR-MOULDS-GUSSET HOME FURNITURE ( Sitting sets, coffee table sets, Sofa sets, Corner sets etc.) OFFICE FURNITURE (Conference chairs, Tables, Office Chairs, Filing Cabinets etc.) COUNTRIES WE EXPORT LIBYA IRAQ GEORGIA ANGOLA TUNUSIA SPAIN GERMANY SAUDI ARABIA SYRIA


  • cnc plasm oxygen sheet cutting
  • diamond embossed sheet
  • diamond sheet
  • diamond sheet
  • diamond steel sheet
  • equal arm angles
  • galvanized pipes
  • galvanized plain end pipes
  • galvanized threaded pipes
  • iron hea
  • iron heb
  • natural gas pipe
  • penstock pipes
  • penstocks
  • pipes
  • pressed steel sheet
  • pressure air pump
  • rectangle profiles
  • steel angles
  • steel npi profiles
  • steel plates
  • steel sheet bending
  • steel sheet cutting
  • steel sheets
  • steel shet twisting
  • steel u profile
  • threaded pipes

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