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Address : Ömerli Mah., Uzunçayır Cad., No: 13, Hadımköy, Arnavutköy, İstanbul, TURKEY
Phone : +90 212 771 35 00
Fax : +90 212 771 35 01

Company Profile

KEREMPLAST provides services to all sectors where production takes place using extruders and injection application , mainly to the sectors of cables, shoe soles, seals, medical products and hoses. With this purpose, KEREMPLAST founded in 2006 in İstanbul, with the successful production and high quality service, which were the key to the rapid development and growth, allowed the company to take a righful place in the sector. KEREMPLAST has an extremely advantageous position in exports and imports transportation due to its geographical. Our enterprise has been carrying out production development and R&D services accompanied by experts and continually offers products intended for new usage areas. Our enterprise has been performing a partner relationship with our customers and it has already increased its capacity to annually 30.000 tones due to new investments. KEREMPLAST, having the customer satisfaction and the quality as a basic principle, continues its works with the same precision it had in the beginning with its capacity of following up the technological advances and continuously developing together with its staff, each specialized in their own field. Companied by experts and continually offers products intended for new usage areas.


  • fence
  • pvc
  • pvc
  • stretch film
  • swatter
  • automotive cables
  • automotive pvc
  • cable pvc
  • colored pvc
  • communication cables
  • data cables
  • edge band
  • Edge Band
  • electric c
  • electric cables
  • energy cables
  • extruded pvc
  • fire hoses
  • flexible cables
  • flexible hoses
  • food pvc
  • garden hoses
  • hard pvc
  • hose pvc
  • injection pvc
  • installation cables
  • insulated pvc
  • macaroon
  • milk hoses
  • opaque pvc
  • phytolitic pvc
  • plastic coated chain
  • plastic raw materials
  • power cables
  • pressure hoses
  • sandal sole
  • sealing pvc
  • shoe sole
  • slippers sole
  • soft pvc
  • table edge
  • transparent pvc

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