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Address : Konya Organize San. Böl. Büyük Kayacık Mah. İhsan Dede Cad. 9Nolu Sokak, No: 37, Selçuklu, Konya, Turkey
Phone : +90 332 239 17 40
Fax : +90 332 239 17 44

Company Profile

Tekelioglu Bolts Co. Ltd. was established in the year 2000 for producing, marketing and exporting bolts, nuts and special fasteners. Our company produces standard fasteners as well as non - standard fasteners that are important parts of our production required by our customers. Our company lacated in organized industry zone in konya city middle of Turkey, it has been consistently grew up by investing machinery technical equipments and construction. We had 17000 m² open and 3000 m² covered area when we built the factory. Now we are producing in 10000 m² coverd area. Our capacity and product range are continuosly increasing every day by modernization and investing machinery. In 2011 year our MVT Bolts Co. Ltd. was established to supply the international needs of bolts and special fasteners. The mission and vision of our company are to marketing the manufactured products to abroad, it has had an important place in world and international markets , specially in Europe , also we are realizing exports to more than 75 countries in Asia , Africa.


  • fasteners
  • bolts
  • bolts
  • cold bolts
  • countersunk screw
  • countersunk screws
  • cup head nib bolt
  • cup head nib bolts
  • fastener
  • flat head screw
  • flat head screws
  • hexagon fit bolt
  • hexagon fit bolts
  • hexagon head bolt
  • hexagon head bolts
  • hexagon head bolts
  • hexagon socket head cap screw
  • hexagon socket head cap screws
  • neck bolt
  • neck bolts
  • nib bolt
  • nib bolts
  • nuts
  • screw
  • screws
  • socket set screw
  • socket set screws
  • special fasteners
  • square head bolt
  • square head bolts
  • stud
  • studs
  • t-head bolt
  • t-head bolts

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