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Address : Yenipazar Mahallesi, Yenipazar Semti Lüme Evleri, No: 97/1, Fatsa, Ordu, Turkey
Phone : +90 452 433 70 65
Fax : +90 452 433 60 72

Company Profile

Founded in 1974 in relation to Infrastructure Construction Works, the Company started to work in the mining field by starting the Marble Cooking Operation at the beginning of the 1980's. The Firm has been engaged in the business of Mining and Quarrying Operation in the process of determining the Bentonite Mine in the Black Sea Region towards the end of the 1980s and obtaining the Operating Licenses of the Bentonite Fields which are betting by an international company and starting the operation in January, .


  • mining operations
  • bentonite
  • white bentonite
  • white calcium bentonite
  • cat litter
  • infrastructure works
  • infrastructure operations
  • heavy duty transport
  • heavy duty freight
  • heavy duty shipping
  • harbor ship unloading services
  • harbor ship loading services
  • heavy transport services
  • mining works
  • bigbag packed bentonite
  • carton packaged bentonite
  • polyethylene packaged bentonite
  • bucket packaged bentonite
  • packaged bentonite
  • bentonite in paper bag
  • bentonite in paper sack
  • bentonite clay

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