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Address : OSB Birinci Kısım, Nevzat Koru Cad., No: 34, Honaz, Denizli, Turkey
Phone : +90 258 269 22 22
Fax : +90 258 269 22 22

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Nisa in operation since 2011. Coil Coatings is one of the most important business in the region. Has one of the largest paint shop. All our production is made for export. The goal of our company since its inception has always been to provide the best services to their clients. With our investment we have made the correct and latest technology, we provide the company among the most successful companies in Turkey. Specialist services we provide our customers with a team of our staff is always at work, we continue to work with all our strength to move better. PRODUCTION AREA Terry fabrics from plain dyed, yarn dyed and embroidered bathrobes, towels and their accessories Chile cloth and fabric dyeing and finishing of krinkle Integrated as towels, bathrobes start of production and exports Establishment of T-shirts and shirts and coil coating plant to begin production. Our company has four main principles; Superior Quality & Affordable Price High Tech Reliability & Good Service Timely Delivery Nisa Coil Coating, all demand is ready to meet with reasonable prices.


  • embroidered towels
  • home textile
  • household linen
  • household linens
  • mat
  • mats
  • pestemal
  • pestemals
  • pique
  • piques
  • plain dyed bathrobe
  • plain dyed bathrobes
  • plain dyed towel
  • plain dyed towels
  • terry fabric bathrobe
  • terry fabric bathrobes
  • textile material
  • textile materials
  • textile product
  • thread
  • threads
  • towel
  • yarn
  • yarns

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