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Address : Mehmet Nesih Özman Mh. Zeki Sk. Aktaş Sitesi, D Blok, No:7, D:8, Merter, Güngören, İstanbul, Turkey
Phone : 05492296161
Fax : +90 212 471 13 56

Company Profile

Özmü-ge Textile was established in 1993, started its commercial activities by producing for brands. Since 2008, it continues to export to some catalog companies and groups in Europe. It continues to operate as manufacturer-exporter for 7 years. The production capacity for the year 2014 consists of 90% woven fabric and 10% knitted fabric. 99% of the production has been exported to Germany, 1% is to other countries such as Switzerland and Austria. With its new brand created in 2015, Özmü-ge textile is aiming to market its own products in the best conditions to valued customers and to firms. From designing to production Özmü-ge textile is meeting the expectations of its customers using its experience of 20 years.


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