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Address : Zümrütevler Mah., Şebboy Sok., Sancak Apt. No : 6/4, Maltepe, İstanbul, Turkey
Phone : +90 216 305 36 79
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We are designing and manufacturing the machines based on customer special requirements with technological developments. We are manufacturing special machines for automation of the production line or standart machines. R&D is the essential part of our company to improve our machines and provide best solution for our customer. We perfectly understand the expectations and requirements of our customers from our product and provide them to get more performance from the machines. This policy shows our high knowledge and importance we serve to customer’s satisfaction. As in the past, the future of us contains more opportunities and developments for you to consider the special advantages we offer: High quality with competitive prices. Our Main Sectors : - Industrial Machinery - Metal Processing Machinery - Chemical Processing Plants - Engineering Designs & Automotion System Design : Our company designs the machines and system on customer instruction and requirements. After design operation we share our design with customers by solid model and technical data. Research and Development : Our company aims to improve customer satisfaction, customer needs and cares about friends the best solution for our customer. Manufacturing : Our company manufacturing production lines and machine design after approval by the customer. We manufacture in our warehouse, we send to your partner than a company or by our customer we test the system and after.


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