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Address : İOSB, Eskoop San. Sit., D: 3-4, Başakşehir, İstanbul, Türkiye
Phone : +90 212 553 82 74
Fax : +90 212 553 82 61

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ABOUT US Established in 1983, Politaş Ambalaj A.Ş. is a family-run business that specializes in producing, selling and exporting flexible packaging solutions. Throughout the years, Politaş Ambalaj has been on a continuous journey to develop its line of services and improve its quality in order to always meet its customers’ needs in the best way possible. Our production plant and headquarters are located in Istanbul-Ikitelli Organised Industrial Zone, which is easy to access, offers great logistic opportunities, and is very convenient for international visitors by being only a close-distance away from Istanbul Ataturk International Airport. EXPERIENCE & QUALITY Our 30 years of industry experience, gives us the confidence to claim the position of problem solvers to all of our customers whom we regard as partners. We cooperate and offer high quality services in order to enhance products responding to the special needs and expectations of each and every customer. Politaş Ambalaj provides its service to many domestic and foreign businesses, of which more than half of its production is exported to over 20 countries worldwide. Although our production is mainly targeting the food industry, we are able to produce goods for any industrial need with flexible packaging. A TRUSTED PARTNER Owing to our problem-solving attitude, our long years of experience in the field and the dedication of our sincere employees, who continuously follow on the latest industry trends and developments, we are able to provide you with high quality production , which in its turn makes us a favorite among our customers.


  • bag
  • bags
  • packaging
  • 3 side seal bag
  • 3 side seal bags
  • barriered film
  • barriered films
  • block botton bag
  • block botton bags
  • center sealed bag
  • center sealed bags
  • center
  • corner sealed bag
  • corner sealed bags
  • cpp film
  • cpp films
  • doypack
  • doypacks
  • film
  • films
  • heated knife sealed bag
  • heated knife sealed bags
  • opp film
  • opp films
  • package
  • packages
  • packaging film
  • packaging films
  • packagings
  • packing film
  • packing films
  • packing
  • packings
  • packings
  • pe film
  • pe films
  • pet film
  • pet films
  • pillow bag
  • pillow bags
  • pouch
  • pouches
  • quadro bag
  • quadro bags
  • side gusset bag
  • side gusset bags
  • side spouted doypack
  • side spouted doypacks
  • stand up pouch
  • stand up pouches

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