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Address : Büsan OSB., Fevzi Çakmak Mah., 10645 Sk., No: 14, Karatay, Konya, Turkey
Phone : +90 332 345 33 93
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Ravon Festoon systems support electric cables ,hoses, hydraulic and pneumatic applications for delivering power and controll to mobile quipment in a safe, proper and maintenance with unbundled method. C-rail festoon systems cable carriers in this catalog are suitable for international safety and quality standarts. Round and Flat cables could be apply. For the good bending characteristics and the small allowed bending radii the flat cables are chosen. I beam profiles are proper standart for INP or IPE beams.Also C- Rail 3028-3032-3040 festoon sytem and equipments that we product their dimesions one of the accepted product international market. Also it provides saving time during installation.


  • profiles
  • c-rails
  • i-beams
  • wire ropes
  • splice joints
  • joints
  • support brackets
  • brckets
  • support clamps
  • clamps
  • support bars
  • bars
  • sliding support brackets
  • welding support attachments
  • plastic end stops
  • tow arms
  • tow arm sets
  • steel trolleys
  • trolleys
  • plastic cable trolleys
  • cable trolleys
  • single hooks
  • hooks
  • twin hooks
  • tow ropes
  • profile
  • c-rail
  • i-beam
  • wire rope
  • splice joint
  • joint
  • support bracket
  • brcket
  • support clamp
  • clamp
  • support bar
  • bar
  • sliding support bracket
  • welding sup

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