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Address : Fevzi Çakmak Mah., Büsan Özel Org. San., Çelik Cad. No: 89, Karatay, Konya, Turkey
Phone : +90 332 345 13 61-62
Fax : +90 332 345 13 63

Company Profile

A Story of Wheel ,The wheel which is the humanity’s first known invention, has an indispensable place in humanlife as “ wheeled vehicles “. Wheel and its other equipments, that makes human life easier,are developing at a great pace according to technologyUmit Jant was founded in Konya where is Turkey’s capital of agriculture. We are proud toserve to farmers and manufacturers according to our R&D activities since 30 years.We are producing rims slim new generation of pneumatic drills, load bearing wheels andheavy processing machines and also optional custom truck wheels. Moreover, we are increasingthe diversity according to innovations in agriculturel machines and manufacturer’s requests.Our production product range includes 8 “ - 44” in diameter , ranging from tractors sprayingwheels and broad-based tubless 400 “ - 60 “ - 15.5 “ tires for the new generation.We are second generation of this company and stillproducing with the excitement like wehad the first day of foundation.


  • combined rims
  • double lock ring rims
  • front rims for tractor
  • golf tyre
  • lock ring rims
  • plane tyre
  • pressed rims
  • rear rims for tractor
  • rim disc
  • rim for agricultural machinery
  • rim for agricultural trailer
  • rim for construction machinery
  • rim for forklift
  • rim for grain dril
  • rim for grain drill
  • rim for haymaker
  • rim for mowers
  • rim for pivots
  • rim for special machinery
  • rim for spraying machines
  • rim for trailer
  • rim for water tanks
  • rims for agricultural machinery
  • rims for agricultural machinery
  • rims for agricultural trailer
  • rims for construction machinery
  • rims for forklift
  • rims for grain drill
  • rims for haymaker
  • rims for mowers
  • rims for pivots
  • rims for special machinery
  • rims for spraying machines
  • rims for trailer
  • rims for water tanks
  • rims without lock ring
  • solid tyre
  • tractor rim
  • tractor rims basak
  • tractor rims fiat
  • tractor rims ford
  • tractor rims goldoni ahs
  • tractor rims new holland
  • tractor rims tumosan
  • tractor rims universal
  • tractor rims
  • tubeless rim
  • tubeless rims
  • tyre
  • tyres for construction machinery
  • tyres isuzu
  • tyres

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