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Address : İstanbul Organize Deri Sanayi Bölgesi, C2-3 Parsel, Orhanlı, Tuzla, İstanbul, Turkey
Phone : +90 216 394 04 33
Fax : +90 216 394 04 36

Company Profile

In 1992; STAR Ambalaj San. ve Tic. A.Ş. entered in the flexible packaging market investing in over ten years of experience and know-how with their entrepreneurial and innovative philosophy ; young and dynamic staff and various product range at new and modern factory. Star Packaging has good service for many industries such as food; hygiene; cosmetic and mainly stationary. Star Packaging believes in establishing lasting relationships with its customers and suppliers and makes its investments accordingly its customer demands. The company is committed to a long term growth strategy which will let the company reach the highest international standarts and expand the company’s sphere of operations across an ever larger geographical region. Our company produces OPP; Metallised; Pearlised OPP; PET; LDPE; Aluminium and paper single; double and multilayer laminated products for food packaging industry and PET ; LDPE; Metallised and Aluminium; gloss and matt structures for travel pack; antibacterial; wet cleaning towel packs for hygiene and cosmetic industry. Glossy Paper; Kraft paper; Cellophane ; OPP Laminated Paper ; OPP ; Metallised OPP; Hologram OPP;Hologram PET; Metallised PET ;CPP; Pearlised OPP for stationery industry with rotogravure printing technology up to 8 colours; both solventless and solvent based lamination for multilayer materials. In stationary industry; Star Packaging with different kind of creative designs on Glossy Paper; Ribbed Kraft; Metallised; Pearlised; Transparent OPP; CPP; gift wraps ; book wraps; A4; A5 Ready Book Covers; Project Bags is a leading company in Turkish Market. In 2007 ; Star Packaging enlarged its product portfolio with Disney Licensed Products; Mickey Mouse; Princess; Cars; Prince of Persia; High School Musical; Cuties; Disney Animal Friends; Wizards of Waverly Palace and Witch in stationary products; Fairies; ToyStory; Hanna Montana in wet towel industry and It was succed in being a STAR.


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  • cut-off boxes
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