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Address : 1258 Sk. No:19 K:1 D:101, Kahramanlar Mah., Konak, İzmir, Turkey
Phone : 2329661186
Fax : 2324461186

Company Profile

As US Foreign Trade we manufacture and supply generators, caterpillars, electrical materials, pumps, engine, alterantors, liebherr, terex, manitou, bobcat, volvo, modul control units, sensors, indicators, relays, speed control units, governors, heaters, clark pumps, cat pumps, compensators, vibration insulators, hinges, cab locks, caps, water gages, radiator caps, filler cabs, furnitures, cabinets, dressers, wardrobes, kitchen furnitures, cloakrooms, agricultural products, textile products, generator, caterpillar, electrical material, pump, engines, alterantor, modul control unit, sensor, indicator, relay, speed control unit, governor, heater, clark pump... Having 25 years experience on foreign trade, keeping its quality of customer relationship and service policy in maximum standards, our company is a firm which takes care of keeping customer satisfaction on highest level with its solution focused aproaches. Our company provides to meet customers’ demands constantly and trouble-free thanks to its business cooperations with companies which engage in various industries. Since its establishment company has adopted to realize its promises, increase its knowledge and experience in its industry and work carefully as its main principles. Since the beggining of its business life with its motto and sense of ‘’Your priority is our priority’’, company works with the proud of seeing its right steps in industry thanks to its customer portfolio, increasing day by day and its quality service policy.


  • block marble
  • furnitures
  • textile products
  • travertine
  • agricultural products
  • aksa spares
  • aksa
  • alterantor
  • alterantors
  • alternators
  • avr
  • beige marble
  • bobcat
  • cab locks
  • cabinets
  • caps
  • cat pumps
  • caterpillar
  • caterpillars
  • clark pump
  • clark pumps
  • cloakrooms
  • compensators
  • diode
  • doosan
  • dressers
  • electrical material
  • electrical materials
  • engine
  • engines
  • filler cabs
  • generator
  • generators
  • generators
  • governors
  • heater
  • heaters
  • hinges
  • indicator
  • indicators
  • kitchen furnitures
  • Liebherr
  • Manitou
  • marine spares
  • mercruiser
  • mercury
  • mitsubishi
  • modul control unit
  • modul control units
  • perkins
  • pump
  • pumps
  • radiator caps
  • relay
  • relays
  • sensor
  • sensors
  • sincro
  • speed control unit
  • speed control units
  • stamford
  • starter motors
  • terex
  • ups spares
  • Vibration insulators
  • volvo penta
  • volvo
  • wardrobes
  • water gages
  • yamaha
  • yanmar

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