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Address : Kobi Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, 103. Cad., No: 27, Odunpazarı, Eskişehir, Turkey
Phone : +90 222 236 91 83 / +90 222 236 91 84
Fax : +90 222 236 91 85

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Vinc Doktoru generates solutions for the customers producing and using crane, hoisting and carrying machines and the companies having the hoisting and carrying machines but lacking the devices and mechanisms required for lifting their loads. Cranes have been manufactured in our country for years. When we look through the industry, almost all of the manufacturers produces hoisting groups; the number of companies producing and selling the devices, attachments and components used in crane systems and hoisting groups is insufficient when compared to the foreign companies. We started our journey with a dream of closing this gap in hoisting and carrying machines industry, resolving the problems regarding below the hook for your cranes and any kind of hoisting machines and reflecting our experiences to our customers; we committed ourselves to finding solutions for the problems of the crane users and crane manufacturers with doctor logic and diligence. We listened their demands, we produced solutions and we will continue to produce solutions. Our company is your solution partner in the industry by providing spare parts, maintenance, service and modernization services for all crane brands and models. A correct selection of the devices serving as a safe coordination between the hoisting group and hoisted load will increase the productivity of the operation.


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  • cranes
  • crane systems
  • carrier systems
  • lifting systems
  • carrier equipments
  • lifting equipments
  • vacuum lifting systems
  • vacuum carrier systems
  • crane energy supply units
  • flat products carrier equipments
  • electrical roll lifting equipments
  • mechanical roll lifting equipments
  • c hooks
  • roll lifting equipments
  • roll rotating equipments
  • basket lifting equipments
  • basket carrier equipments
  • pipe lifting equipments
  • block lifting equipments
  • drum lifting equipments
  • carrier traverses
  • traverses
  • seperators

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