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Fatih Caddesi, No:16, Merter, İstanbul, Turkey
button, natural buttons, handmade buttons, imported buttons, combined buttons, fabric-coated buttons, birds eye buttons, laser buttons, metal buttons, plastic buttons, polyster knobs, clasp, buckles,
Gevher Nesibe Mah., Mecidiye Sk. Hilal Apt. Kat: 2 No: 3, Kocasinan, Kayseri, Turkey
medical-products, medical materials, medical items, medical consumables, blood transfusion sets, infusion sets, disposable infusion sets, urine bags, pediatric urine collectors, urine collectors, gauz
Oruç Reis Mah., Giyimkent Sitesi, Giykoop 3. Sokak, No: 21A-23A, Esenler, İstanbul, Turkey
medicines, pills, drugs, pharmaceutical products, medical products, medical items, medical materials, pharmaceuticals, medical equipments, insuline pen needles, glucose test strips, glucose meters, de
Sarıhamzalı Mah., 47007 Sk., No: 36/A, Seyhan, Adana, Turkey
medical-products, syringes, needles, blood collection tubes, blood collection needles, needle holders, scalp vein sets, specimen cups, iv catheters, infusion sets, three way stopcocks, electrosurgical
Donanmacı Mh. 1721 Sk. No: 4/102, Karşıyaka, İzmir, Turkey
bathroom-accessories, apron, aprons, kitchen apron, kitchen aprons, kitchen napkin, kitchen napkins, napkin, napkins, ironing board cover, ironing board covers, bathroom set, bathroom sets, dispenser,
Mecidiyeköy, Şişli, İstanbul, Türkiye
syringes, medical products, medical consumables, cannula, gloves, needle, needles, infusion set, medical, syringe, medical product, medical consumable, cannulas, glove, infusion sets, medicals, medica
Tatlısu Mh. Şenol Güneş Bulvarı, Nara Tower, No:2A, D:63, Ümraniye, İstanbul, Turkey
medical-products, medical items, medical equipments, medical materials, balloons, stents, diagnostic catheters, catheter sheath introducers, guidewires, high speed drills, neuro modulation, vagus nerv
Hacıkadın Mahallesi, Hacıkadın Caddesi, No:8A, Unkapanı, İstanbul, Turkey
sewing-machines, sewing machine accessories, overlock series, covering brother, double needle brother, hook and spoon, shoe-upper plate and gear, pfaff-belt sets, loopers, buttonhole parts, knife and
2. Org.San.Bölg. Celal Doğan Bulv. No:240, Gaziantep, Turkey
nebulizers, compressor nebulizers, needles, disposable needles, syringe needles, hypodermic needles, apyrogen needles, apyrogenic needles, sterile needles, sterilized needles, insulin shots, insulin n
Kocavezir Mh. 32023 Sk. No:18, Seyhan, Adana, Turkey
textile-accessories, textile materials, waddings, spinning hooks, buttons, shirt materials, shirt gelatins, gelatins, machine needles, needles, sewing yarns, threads, yarns, pocketing cloths, collar b
Çakmaklı Mah. Hadımköy Yolu 50. Sokak No: 2 Kıraç/ Büyükçekmece/ İstanbul –Turkey Tel: 0 212 866 91 00 (Pbx) Fax: 0 212 866 90 90
embroidery, footwear leather, garments, knitting, machinery, needles, packaging and sack mouth machines, sinkers, spare parts, sprays, supplies accessories, knives, tapes
textile-machines, textile machinery, textile machine spare parts, ram machines, sanfore machines, ındustrial cleaning chemicals, cleaning chemicals, needles, brushes, lubricants, seals, castors, dyes,
Veko Giz Plaza, Meydan Sokak, No: 3/43, Kat: 13, Maslak, Istanbul, Turkey
atrauma, atrauma forceps, biopsy forceps, clamp, containers, cranioclast, curettes, delicate scissors, elevators, forcep, forceps, hooklets, kerrison punches, laryngoscope handles, lucas curettes, mic
İkitelli Org.San.Böl.Dolapdere Küçük San.Sit.13 Blok No.32-34 , Başakşehir, İstanbul, Turkey
knitting-machines, knitting machine, needles, jacks, sinkers, sinker springs, stitch pressers, yarn feeders, yarn cutters, yarn guides, take down rollers solenoids, sensors carriers, pulse, step, moto
İnönü Cad. No: 15 Ptt Karşısı Merkez - Malatya, Turkey
patisserie, bakery products, cookies, dry baklava, pistachio, walnut, hazelnut, powdered sugar, olive oil, sunflower oil, dried apricots, apricot delight, apricot cosmetics, apricot soap, cream, apric

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